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DKK to exhibit at Big 5G Event 2021 Online!

One of the biggest telecommunication exhibitions called BIG 5G EVENT 2021 will be held in both physical place (Colorado Convention Center in Denver) and virtual space, and DKK Co., Ltd is going to join it as a virtual exhibitor from 30th August to 3rd September. You can register from here and visit our virtual booth. We show our products’ datasheets and some other information, and it is also possible to arrange web meetings during the event if you want.

Below is the list of products we show in the booth.

  • Small Cell 18port Omni Antenna [DKORDWQKDP-3785F]

  • 28GHz Signal Repeater

  • 3.7GHz Signal Repeater


  • CBRS/C-Band Omni Antenna [VH360-3545FTD]

  • CBRS/C-Band Sector Antenna [VH65A-3545RTD]

  • CBRS/C-Band Sector Antenna [X75-3545FTD-T35]

  • CBRS/C-Band Indoor Antenna [R-3550FVQ-W]

  • CBRS/C-Band Omni Antenna [VH360-3450FTD]

  • CBRS/C-Band Panel Antenna [X25-3545FTD]

Here is the image of our booth. Feel free to visit our booth, and we will warmly welcome you.


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