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DKK North America, Inc. provides DKK-branded highest-quality and value-added base station antennas such as small cell antennas for customers in the US. Actually DKK NA is supplying a lot number of DKK antennas to major carriers, turf vendors and distributors.

Omni-Directional Antenna

Small Cell Canister Antenna




Cardioid Antenna

Small Cell Canister Antenna


Kiosk Antenna

Small Cell Flat Panel Antenna



5-Beam Antennas

Special Event Antenna


DKZ6KP-17R【VH65A-3545RTD】 product photo.png

CBRS/C-Band Antenna

2 ports for  CBRS/C-Band 3400-5000 MHz




DKZOKP-11F【VH360A-3545FTD】 product photo.png

If you want to see more kinds of DKK antennas, CLICK HERE.

DKK’s strengths for the U.S. market are:

  • Antenna Miniaturization Capabilities

  • Unique Approach to Antenna designs

  • Product Quality & Long-term Reliability

  • Global Market Experience

  • Innovative Product Engineering & Design Capabilities

"Innovations for today and tomorrow backed by the quality and precision you expect and trust"

Our Antenna Solutions

DKK NA can propose antennas customized to your detailed technical needs, which may be technically difficult and other manufacturers may not try. Its parent company, DKK Co., Ltd., has state-of-the-art technology and excellent engineering team for manufacturing antennas in Japan with its long history in this industry. DKK NA, as contact window in US market, proposes and provides DKK unique and value-added products to customers.

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